Partners in Growth

Even the greatest of ideas and most meticulously planned projects remain only on the drawing board in the absence of adequate funding required to execute the project. It is equally important that the requisite funds are made available to the project managers at the required moment to ensure maximum benefits. Among most entrepreneurs the ability to access and raise the required funds at the opportune time remains a major concern, and the main reason why many excellent ideas have not been able to be converted into result generating projects. It is even more difficult to find funding agencies that are willing and able to understand the requirements of entrepreneurs and accommodate their needs.

At Pyramid Finance Ltd we are unique in our desire to team up and work together with entrepreneurs and businesses to achieve results by ensuring that the required funds are made available at the time when they are most needed. Our institution is reputed for speedy evaluation of client requirements, sanctioning and disbursement of loans. Further we pride ourselves on our willingness to go far beyond the role of a traditional financial institution by getting ourselves deeply involved in understanding the business and thereby designing specific financial services and products according to the individual requirement of each firm as opposed to having broad generic products and pushing clients to fit into those services.

Our interactions with our clients are not limited only to occasions when fresh loans or services are required or when annual reporting is done as is the case with most banks. Instead we work closely with our clients in evaluating and forecasting the financial requirements of the firm and designing the products that will best serve these needs while keeping the best interests of the client in mind. We also constantly advise our partners on the best options available to fund the project be it through debt, equity or even hybrid products involving a combination of both.

We do not limit our services to clients as debt providers . Our senior management with more than 40 years experience in debt financing and building companies , consult clients on strategy , operations and human capital.

Considering the wide range of services and products provided by us, we are able to discuss with the client the immediate as well as future financial requirements and chart out a program to ensure that funding will not be a constraint or impediment in achieving the declared goals.

Right from our inception we have designed unique funding products that are structured according to the financial requirements and cash flow projections of each individual client. From structured financial leases, to loans for execution of purchase orders, to use of escrow accounts and assignment of LCs, and to providing advisory services on the first Private Equity deal in Goa, we have always concentrated on putting forward the best possible solution to the customer at that point in time.

The company prides itself having very insignificant NPAs in its book since 1993. This monumental feat has been achieved by our philosophy of not leaving a single stone unturned in due diligence. We are  extremely selective in the ventures we undertake , focussing on the quality of exposure rather than mere quantity.

Today we can ascribe our success to the fact that we have been co-beneficiaries in the impressive growth stories and achievement of our partners – our Clients.

It is our continuing commitment to be closely involved with our partners in realizing their visions and to support them on each step of their journey towards achieving their goals.

Contributed by Mr. Pramod Zacharias – Manager – Pyramid Finance Ltd.